Theatre Of Mortality Epitaphs
Provest MATTHEW ANDERSON's Monument
Epitaphium integerrimi viri, Matthaei Anderson, in oppido Kirkcaldiensi, saepins urbis praefecti; qui obiit idibus Aprilis, anno aerae Christianae MDCXCIV, Anno vero aetatis suae lxxxiii.
Navita praeclarus, probitate verendus & annis, Moribus eximius & pietatis amans ; Strenuus assertor recti; virtutibus ampJis Ornatus, cana conspicuusque fide :
Consulis officio qui functus in urbe frequenter, Partibus a regiis strenuous usque stetit.
Sed cadit heu! tandem longo oonsumptus ab aevo, Grande decus patriae, summus & urbis honos.

The epitaph of a most upright man, Matthew Anderson, oftentimes provest of the burgh of Kirkcaldy, who died 13 April, 1694. Of his age 83.
A famous skipper, of goodness and days Full, rev'rend, holy, honest in his ways ; He was a stout asserter of the right,
Virtues and faith in him still shined bright:
He oftentimes was provest of this town,
Still loyal to the king, with great renown. 'Las! now he falls, consum'd by length of days, The country's honour, and the city's praise.
Hic jacet David Barclay de Tough, scriba peritissimus
honesto loco oriundus, omnibus ingenii dotlbus. insignitus; qui, magno omnium moerore, infesta fibre extinctus, conjugem lectissimam Euphemiam Law, cum eptem liberis superstitibus post se; morieus re1iquit. decessit 12 die Julii MDCLXXXVIII. AEtatis vere suae XLI.
Non vigor ingenii, non cuItae gratia linguae, Non honor aut virtus clara, nec alma fides, Non gazae ingentes, nec firmo in pectore vires, Nec pietas mortis sistere tela potest.
Mors sua sceptra tenet, toti communia mundo, 0mnibus obscuras injicit illa manus.
Here lies David Barclay of Tough, a most skiIful writer, of good parentage, and endued with all notable gifts of mind; who, being undone by a deadly fever, to the grief of all persons, leaving his most choice wife, Eupham Law, with seven surviving children, died as above in the year 1688. Of his age 41.
Not learning, eloquence, nor honour fair, Virtue nor faithfulness, nor pers’nage rare, Riches nor piety, can save from death ;
It's scepter rules ov'r all who carry breath :
On persons all, of whatsoe're degree,
Death lays it's pallid hand, and none are free.
DAVID BAXTER's Monument.
D. B. I. L. 1683.
Below this stone doth David Baxter lie, Prais'd in his life for wit and honesty ;
A godly man and well belov'd was he, By persons all of high and low degree.
His worth and merite we can not decide, In peace he liv’d, in Christ he did confide.
Departed 19 February, 1678. Of age 97. Jonet Law his spouse.
James Baxter wright, his wife here lies, Grave Jonet Wallace, meek and wise.
She died November 19 1675. Her age 71.
James Baxter wright, here laid beside his wife, The ninth of March departed from this life ;
A godly man and peaceable was he:
He liv'd and di'd, in peace and honestie:
Of his age 77, the year of God 1679.
ANNA BERRILL's Monument.
Twice twenty years old Anna Berrill lies Here buried; a matron grave and wise; Religious, modest, virt'ous, just and kind; to all in straits, a present help and friend; A tender mother and a loving wife,
Who in sixth birth departed this frail life:
Now she is gone, yet shall her name remain; The grave her bones, the heav'n her soul contain.
She died May 1688.
Hic jacet Andreas Bosuellus, origine. cJarus
Conjugio &' natis; mente manuque valens; Quinque in oIympiadas, vitam sine Iabe peregit;
Coelo animus, mundo Iaus manet, ossa solo.
Famous in children, marriage, birth; here lies Good Andrew Boswell, valiant and wise;
Liv'd five and twenty years, but spot or stain :
Heav'n soul, world fame, the earth his corps contain.
WILLlAM BOSWEL's Monument.
Hic jacet corpus viri celebris vereque fidelis, Gulielmi Boswell civis hujus urbis; qui obiit 9 Octobris anno Dom. 1639. AEtatis suae 63.
Bis quater exegi, dulci cum conjuge, lustra,
Ex qua bis quina prole beatus eram; Occubuere novem: post, me mea fata vocabant;
Haec eadem gnatos terra patremque tegit. 1686.

Here lies the body of a famous and truly faithful man, William Boswell, burgess of this burgh; who died, as above.
Twice twenty years with my sweet wife I liv’d,
Blest in ten children, from her I receiv’d;
Nine di’d; at length the fates on me did call:
This little earth is covert to us all.
HENRY BOSWEL's Monument.
Henrici corpus Bosuelli conditur infra,
Vir genio magnus, clarus in arte sua; Praetor erat decies, semel & praefectus in urbe, Tempore quo toto jus sine labe fuit:
Vixerat innocuus, Christi decessit amator, Et nunc cum Christo coelica regna colit.
Anno Dom. 1681. AEtatis suae 51, 3tio die Martii
vitam cum morte mutavit.
This stone hides Henry Boswel's body who Was great in mind, skilful in art also ; Baillie ten times, once provest of town,
Still just and blameless to his great renown ; He harmless liv'd, and di'd in love of Christ,
In heav'n with Christ and angels now doth rest.
He died, as above.
JOHN BRUCE's Monument.
Hoc sub marmore sepelitur Joannes Brucius, vir pietate insignis hujus urbis mercator & civis; qui mortalitatem idibus Martii anno Domini MDCLXVII. posuit, natos annos 34:
Terrenum corpus tegitur sub marmore, lector,
. Bruci; qui sanctis fidus amicus erat ;
Ejus nobilior pars, quae super aethera gaudet, Perfruitur sanctis angelicisque choris
Utendinm est aetate; cito pede, labitur aetas.
Under this stone is buried John Bruce; a man notable for his piety; merchant and burgess of this burgh; who laid aside his mortality 15 March 1667. Of his age 34. Reader, this stone John Bruce's corps doth shroud;
To th' godly faitbful friend he ever stood;
His nobler parts, which live above the sky, Enjoys the saints and angeIs company, We must use time aright, if we be wise; For, with the swiftest pace, away it flies.
Of Coblehaugh, here Robert Chapman lies, A theam for mourning to all readers eyes ;
When baillie of this burgh, straight, good and just, He was a credite to his place of trust;
Chief of his name, most loyal, virt'ous, kind,
Of a religious, humble, faithful mind ;
Obliged all, and gained all men's love;
The trade of merchandizing did improve;
Did live a quiet life, in peace did die,
Whose soul 'mongst saints enjoys eternity.
The corps of Jonet White, spouse to the above-named Robert Chapman, was interred upon the 23 February, 1692. Robert Chapman, son to the above Robert Chapman, departed this life 22 July, 1699. And of age 37.
MARY DRUMMOND's &e. Monument.
Hic jacet Maria Drummond, uxor vidua Joannis Riddoch a Laggan, &e. Quae fatis concessit mense Maio anno salutis humanae MDCXCIII. AEtatis suae lx.
Hic etiam conditur loanna Drummond, sponsa Joannis Riddoch) prioris Joannis filii primogeniti; quae decessit mense Augusto, anno Christi MDCLXXXIX. AEtatis vero suae xL
Hic socrus atqae nurus tumulo conduntur in 0uno ; Forma ambae illustres & probitate pares:
Ambfae Drummonidum prognatae ex gente vetusta, Ambarum virtus laosque perennis erit.
Here lies Mary Drummond, relict of John Riddoch of Laggan, &e. who died in the year of Christ 1693'.
Age 60.

Here also is interred Jean Drummond, spouse to
John Riddoch, eldest son to the former John Riddoch ; who died in the year of Christ 1689. Age 40.
Mother and daughter as of law here lie,
Pairs in best beauty and in probity ; Descended both of Drummond's ancient race, Their virtues praise shaIl live eternal space.
Here lies the corps of a famous man, David Hutcheon, who departed this life 28 November 1615; who in his lifetime doted to the kirk, schooI, and poor the sum of five hundred merks.
To private gain the puhlick well Thou didst prefer before,
With Praises high thy name shall he
Etemaliz'd therefore.
Hic jacet corpus honorati viri Alexandri Law, hujus urbis balivi, cum conjuge sua Isobella Quhyte; qui obiere, illa Maii 8 anno Domini 1641, aetatis 89, ille Maii 9 1642. Aetatis 90.
Conditur hoc tumulo vir, majestate verendus, Consilio prudens, authoritate gravis;
Hac octodecies perstabat in urbe balivus, Quo melius nullus munere functus erat:
Quadraginta annos chara cum conjuge vixit, Septem habuit natas ille, maresque duos.
Cum genitore suo senior jacet hic Iacobus Lavius, in tumulo conditus exiguo:
Sed, virtute sua & fama, super aethera notus, Strenus & fortis, vir pietate gravis.
Balivus erat annis duodecem, urbis praefectus obiit Decembris 4, anno Dom. 1667. AEtatis 70.

Here lies the corps of an honoured man, Alexander Law, bailIie in this city; with his wife Isobel Quhyte, who both died as above.
Here lies a man, for counsel and command,
Might vie with many persons in the land,
Twice nine times baillie of this burgh; and so
That scarce his equal could the city show.
He fourty years did live in wedlock's tie;
Two sons, sev’n daughters were his progeny.
Here, with his sire, James Law the elder lies,
For fame and virtue, known above the skies;
Valiant and great; grave, in his piety;
Was twelve years baillie, and did provest die.
Mr. KENNETH LOGIE's Monument.
Hic recubat magister Kennethus Logie, pastor Kirkcaldensis, parentibus virtute & stirpe claris ortus, Edini educatus, Domini miles, Novembris 29 1669, in pace decedens intravit in gaudia Domini.
Hic Christi servus ab incunabulis, Dei cultor voluntaria sui consecratione, ecclesiaeque vocatione, per varia eruditionis specimina probatus; a Domino messis inmessem suam est missus operarius: qui oves Christi, ex. ipsius amore, pascens, & plurimas animas Christo lucrifaciens, per decem annos Skirlini, & viginti Kirkcaldiae, gregis Christi nocte dieque curam egit. Genio erat ille mitis, gravitate reverendus, pietate & integritate cordis clarus, laborum patiens & viscerum plenus, vita & voce docebat facienda & faciendo. Matth. 24. 46. at length in Latine.
O quam grata quies, post tot certamina! mundus Quid tibi, dum coeli gaudia carpit ovaus ?
Here lies Mr. Kenneth Logie, minister at Kirkcaldy, descended of virtuous and honourable parents, educate at Edinburgh, a soldier of the Lord and under his banner; dying, as above, he entred into his master's joy.
He was a servant of Christ from his infancy; a worshipper of God by his voluntar giving up of himself thereto. At the call of the church, being approven in several trials of his leaming, he was sent to labour in the Lord's vineyard, by the master of the harvest; who, feeding Christ's flock, from love to him, and gaining many souls to Christ for the space of ten years at Skirling, and 20 years at Kirkaldy, he day and night was careful of the same flock. He was of a meek nature, of reverend gravity, famous for piety and uprightness of heart, and full of bowels of mercy: teaching as well by life as by his doctrine. Matth. 24. 46.
After my many conflicts, 0 sweet rest!
Adieu vain world, of heav'ns joys I'm possest.
JOHN MELVIL's Monument.
Here lies the corps of two honourable men, John Melvills of Raith, father and son; who departed this life in the christian faith, viz. the father, 13 January 1603, the son 17 January 1626.
Hic jacet probus vir Henricus Montgomrie, alias Miller. Qui obiit 15, mensis Februarii 1596.
Quae terrena mei pars est sub marmore dormit; Quae pars coelestis coelica regna colit :
Corpus humo surget redivivum, spiritus illud lntrabit, vita sic sine fine fruar.
Here lies a good man, Henry Montgomrie, alias Miller; who died as above.
Under this stone my earthly part doth rest, My heav'nly part of heaven is possest;
My body shall arise, and, with my soul United, endless life inherit shall.
Hic jacet corpus mulieris dignissimae, Isobellae Quhyte, quondam uxoris honorabilis viri Alexandri Hird. navarchae ac civis. hujus burgi; quae obiit 15 Junii1648. AEtatis54.

Candida dicebar; sed pectora candidiora Gessi: candorem nunc super astra gero.
Dives eram gaza; plus fortunata viro; sed His magis optandas dat mihi Christus opes.
Here lies the body of a most worthy woman, Isobel Quhyte, sometime spouse to an honourable man Alexander Hird, skipper and citizen of this burgh; who died as above.
White was my name; more bright that soul of mine, Which now more clear than any star doth shine ;
Was rich in wealth; in husband more, indeed:
But Christ gave riches that do all exceed.
Mr. JAMES SYMSON's Monument.
Hic jacet corpus reverendissimi D. D. Jacobi Symson, pastoris hujus burgi per annos 36, qui obiit Januarii 3, anno Dom. 1665. AEtatis vero suae 85.
Ille ingens vates, fama super aethera notus, Symsonus, Domini sedulo pavit oves ; Quinquaginta annos, pugnando fortiter, idem Nusquam de recto tramite flexit iter.
Presbyter hie prudens, doctor pius aequus, acutas, Regi fidus erat, propositique tenax.
Here lies the body of the most reverend Mr. James Symson, minister of this burgh for the space of 36 years; who died as above.
Fam'd Symson, prophet great, by faithful care, He fed the Lord's sweet flock and children dear; For fifty years he valiantly withstood
All wickedness; was ever straight and good:
Wise presbyter, learn’d teacher, just, acute, Faithful to th’ king, inconstancy without.
Captain JOHN TENNENT's Monument.
Hic jacet corpus honorati vereque pii viri, capitani Joannis Tennent, hujus urbis civis; qui obiit 8 Februarii anno Dom. 1667. AEtatis vero 43.
Hic ducis, 0 lector, cernis monumenta Tenentis, Quo melior nullus per mare sulcat aquas ; Vir gravis atque pius, fidus, navarcha peritus:
Heu! praematura morte peremptus erat.
Sidera saepe notans, longas consumere noctes Suetus erat; coeli nunc super astra micat.
Here lies the body of an honoured and truly godly man, Captain John Tennent. citizen of this burgh, who died as above.
Reader, you see this Captain Tennent's stone,
More dext'rous skipper never yet was one; Grave, holy, faithful, skilful in his trade, Alas by death untimely here is laid.
Marking the stars, oft us'd to spend long night, In heav'n, he shines above the stars most bright,
JAMES WEMYS's Monument.
Boggins hic, octo vitae post lustra, Iacobus.
In tumulo Vemius, praecoce morte jacet; Filius in patrios at sic quaesivit in annos,
Ut rogitet patris addere fata suos. .
Obiit 1 Februarii 1631.
James Weems of Boggie, years, but twenty twice, Snatched away by hasty death, here lies;
His son did for his father's death so groan,
He could have wisht his father's death his own.
He died as above.
ROBERT WHYTE of Pouran and his Wife's
Hic jacet Robertus Whyte, a Pouran, apod suos inter primos conspicuus; saepius praetura, bis urbis patriae praefectura nobilitatus : qui, primos urbis honores adeptus, adeo sine fastu fastigium id cum fructu temperavit, ut praeesse posset, prodeese velle videretur. Obiit anno 1667, aetatis 68. Hic etiam conjugis amantissimae, Janetae Tennant, reponuntur cineres. Obiit anno 1670. aetatis 62.
Here lies Robert White of Pouran, a man notable among the chief of his own people; ofttimes honoured with the office of baillie, and twice with the provestship of his native city: who having arrived at the chief honours of that town, he so qualified that eminence with fruit and usefulness, and without all pride, that he was more desirous to evidence his will to do good, than any power or advancement he had got. Here also are laid up the ashes of Jonet Tennent, his most loving spouse. They both died, as above.
Provest JOHN WILLIAMSON's Monument.
Hic jacet Joannes Williamson, ex longa magistratuum hujus urbis serie oriundus: vir sane non tam artis nauticae & mercatoriae peritia, qua prae multis claruit, aut opibus (quas non contemnendas posteris reliquit) quam authoritate, prudentia & morum gravitate insignis; omnibus boni magistratus officiis honorifice defunctus, senator prudens, quaestor fidelis, praetor incorruptus, aedilis conspicuus, praefectus ornatissimus; pluribusque, tum ad urbium, tum etiam ad regni comitia, legationibus, celebris emicuit; cum autem, per annum unum super sexaginta, suis civibus charus, pietatem & honestatem colens, vixisset, 28 Octobria, anno Domini MDCXCIV. desideratus obiit.
Here lies John Williamson, descended of a long race of magistrates of this city; a man truly notable, not so much for his skill in navigation and merchandise (wherein he excelled many others) nor for his riches (whereof he left a competency to his posterity) as for his authority, prudence, and gravity of deportment; he served honourably in all the offices of a good magistrate, a wise counsellor, faithful treasurer, unbyassed baiIlie, notable dean of guild and a most adorned provest, and shined very illustrious in many commissions, not only to the meetings of the borroughs, but also to the parliament of this kingdom: at last, when he had lived sixty one years, in piety, honesty and love to his neighbours, he died much lamented, as above. 1694.
Navita praeclarus positus jacet hic Ioannes Williamsonus, splendidus ingenio; Urbis quindecies praetor; legatus & omni Conventu in magno non sine laude, fuit:
Vir pietate clarus, nulli virtute secundus, Nunc, cum coelicolis, quod patefecit, habet.
Vixit annos 88. Obiit anno Dom. 1657.
A skilful skipper here doth lie, by name John Williamson, of splendid wit and fame; Fifteen times baillie, town's commissioner To all the meetings, that momentous were; Renown'd for piety; his virt'ous way Second to none, who lived in his day:
His gracious life conveyed him to bliss, Where, with the saints, he lives in happiness.
He died and of age as above.