Memorial No. 248
Memorial Type (1)5 Wall mounted
Number Commemorated 9
MaterialGranite slab in sandstone
Number of Components 8
Condition of Monument (3)1 Sound, in situ
Condition of Inscription (4)1 Mint
Dimensions in mmH 1200 x W 550 x D 150
Orientation (2)8
Faces Inscribed (2)NW
Technique of InscriptionInscribed
Inscription 1
to the memory of
the beloved wife of the REV. M. J. BRYDEN, minister of this parish, who died 30th December 1868, aged 49
She opened her mouth with wisdom:
and in her tongue was the law of kindness.
Inscription 2

Her children arise up, and call her blessed: her husband also, and he praiseth her. PROVERBS XXXI 28.

also of her aunt ELIZA LIDDELL, widow of the late GOURLAY BALFOUR, who died 17th February 1863, aged 91.
also of JANET MCLEAN LIDDELL, who died 28th July 1858 aged 68.
and of their brother ROBERT LIDDELL who died 28th September 1852, aged 67.
Those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with him .
Also of LILLIAS JESSIE BRYDEN, beloved wife of T. M. MACKNIGHT, who died at Southampton, 15th July 1875, aged 29, and who lies in the cemetery there.
And of MARY WILLIAMINA BRYDEN, her sister, who died in the manse
5th January 1877, aged 29.
So He giveth his beloved sleep.
Also of the Rev M J Bryden who died 7th October 1880, aged 65.
He rests from his labours, and his works do follow him.
Also of JESSIE WILLIAMSON his widow who died 19th July 1910 aged 75.
also of ANNA BRYDEN, second daughter of REV M J Bryden and Mary Hall his wife, died 28th September 1916.

(Notes: In enclosure with 247 and 249. Urn on top, date in ribbon, lintel, face, surrounds, base, 2 supports. Outside edges Height estimate 2600 as too high to reach, W 1465, Thickness 700. Mark Bryden was a minister of Old Kirk, first after Disruption.)

(1) : 1 Flat, 2 Head, 3 Tomb, 4 Foot, 5. Other
(2) : 1 North, 2 North East, 3 East, 4 South East, 5 South, 6 South West, 7 West, 8 North West
(3) : 1 Sound in situ, 2 Sound displaced, 3 Leaning or falling apart, 4 collapsed, 5 Overgrown
(4) : 1 Mint, 2 Clear but worn, 3 Mainly decipherable, 4 Traces, 5 Illegible or destroyed

Information recorded 17/01/2009 by Rosemary Potter